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The new generation stimulant, without side effects, has already gained popularity among our customers. 4-EMC is the newest chemical cathinone with a stimulating effect, similar to amphetamine and ephedrine. There are no side effects.




1- (4- ethylphenyl)- 2- (methylamino)propan- 1- one



Molecular weight

227.7 g/mol






≥ 99 %


4-EMC has the full name IUPAC 1- (4-ethylphenyl) -2 (methylamino) of propan-1-one, a monohydrochloride, belongs to the class of the central nervous system.

All design narcotics and chemicals sold in our shop are intended for research and court affidavits. They are not intended for other purposes. The research, chemical called 4-EMC, belongs to phenethylamine and an amphetamine chemical classes and has a molecular formula C12H17NO • HCl. Toxicological and physiological properties 4-EMC are not known.

Storage conditions: in the cool and dry place. Terms 4-EMC, can last up to 2 years under the right storage conditions.


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