May 23, 2022 new design drugs at low prices: psychostimulators, opiates, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Cannabinoids and New Chemicals new chemical research, you can find new legal stimulants, new legal opiates, new legal dissociatives, legal psychedelics, legal marijuana.

Opioids Pack

Opioids Pack

Opioids Pack

Opioids Pack
Opioids Pack

Opioids pack contains a combination of the most popular opioids. We have collected 1 gram of each substance for you:

  1. Etonitazepipne,
  2. Desnitroetonitazene (Etazene),
  3. 2-methyl-ap-237,
  4. 2F-Viminol,
  5. O-DSMT

Only 5 grams. This package gives beginners the opportunity to study and test which of these opioids works better and evaluate the quality in your laboratory.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that before you place an order on our website, we checked the legality of the necessary chemicals. The list of permitted chemicals you should know in your country. We did not send orders to Russia, Belarus, Hong Kong, Singapore. We would like you not to order prohibited chemicals in your country.

By purchasing chemical studies on you buy a chemical at a wholesale price and get a discount coupon on subsequent purchases on our website.

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