December 4, 2021

10 thoughts on “Etonitazepipne

  1. I am looking for cannabinoids and opioids with delivery in the EU. What suggestions do you have? I’m looking for a regular supplier.

  2. I filled out the application page, but I can’t pay. Contact me, I am ready to send you eth, but I do not know the address. I’m waiting, thank you.

  3. I hope you still supply. I need the opioid etonitazene. What do you have in stock? This is Etonitazepipne or other alternatives? I am looking for a regular supplier and I hope that you will answer me soon and have a good day.

  4. I want to order o-dsmt and etonitazepipne to Norway can you deliver? I want to become your regular big buyer, but what is the success of crossing the border? Are you shipping from the EU?
    I was told that you are great guys.

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