May 23, 2022 new design drugs at low prices: psychostimulators, opiates, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Cannabinoids and New Chemicals new chemical research, you can find new legal stimulants, new legal opiates, new legal dissociatives, legal psychedelics, legal marijuana.

We are pleased to announce some annoying news for our clients.


1. We have a new arrival of goods for chemical research: MXiPr hydrochloride, Deschloroetizolam (Etizolam-2), A-D2PV. You can try and share your impressions in the comments.

2. We launch the sale of prefabricated drugs in one package at loyal prices, for example, with one order, you can test several samples of opioids or other substances at once, for this you need to contact our manager and indicate the products you are interested in and he will select a convenient option for you at reasonable prices … We will be happy to help you choose.


3. We are launching a new bonus campaign for your savings.
Our store has completely switched to a manual cryptocurrency payment method. Now you get bonuses when you first buy our products with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and others:
1.order-payment bitcoin, 3% discount
2.order-payment bitcoin, 5% discount
3.order-payment bitcoin, 10% discount
Reserving orders and payments bitcoin, 15-20% discount.

4. Despite all the difficulties, the development of a project for communication of our clients with each other, where you can anonymously communicate on any topic, share and leave any comments, continues and the project will be launched in the near future. Therefore, we recruit project administrators from among our clients and other people who are not indifferent to chemical research. A necessary requirement is to be able to write good truthful posts and be able to analyze and competently communicate with people who have common interests with you.
Send all applications to our e-mail [email protected]

Do not forget to indicate your country in the application and we will be happy to answer everyone.

I hope we will continue to delight our customers with new developments, we are always ready to offer you a quality product at affordable prices and complete anonymity, we will continue to fight for this.

Always your ChemLocal team

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