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Buy 5F-PB-22

5FPB22 excellent cannabinoids reagent, is one of leaders of sales in the cannabinoids market. We recommend him for sale in connection with its good to concentration and the minimum expenses. 5FPB22 will present a lot of excellent mood to you and people around.


PB22F 5F-PB22 8-quinolinyl ester-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid


1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid 8-quinolinyl ester



Molecular weight





white powder


> 99 %

PB22F or 5FPB22 effect of smoking:

When you smoke or vaporize 5FPB22causes similar effects in humans and animals, similar to those that have cannabinoids present in marijuana.

Deadly rays from this substance are not fixed, at least there is no exact information about the death of a substance from this substance. The dosage size is variable and depends on the human and animal body. We recommend 1 to 20.

The experience of PB22F or 5FPB22 (effects)

Behavioral pharmacological studies show that JWH018 has activity in animals similar to 9THC activity, but with higher affinity and efficacy than 9THC, indicating that it

1 Chemical name: quinolin8yl1pentyl1Hindole3carboxylate

2 Chemical name: quinolin8yl 1– (5fluoropentyl) –1Hindole3carboxylate

Will have the same effect as 9THC in vivo. It is expected that on the basis of studies of the dependence of the structural activity of PB22 and 5FPB22 will have similar effects. There are no published safety studies for PB22 or 5FPB22 for human use.


Overview of PB22F or 5FPB22

The product is a light brown powder, very fine. Much more powerful than AKB48. Strong similarity of dissociative properties of 5FUR144. The head is higher than the UR144, but it seems to have many effects like cb2 / indica. It’s a damn cool head, as crazy as 5FUR144, and I panicked a little. This short action, stoning with a crazyspice high“. It does the job. Thus, in this am2201 the head is a high region compared to akb48 and ur144 lacks it. And PB22 has not been tested yet.

There are many effects of cb2, after a 14hour working day. It will be very high there for a minute, not too long actually. The delirium on 5FUR144 lasts longer.

It comes from a tolerant cannabinoid user, rarely gets anxious about cannabis, experiences the latestnoids“, etc.

5FPB22 and PB22

PB22 and 5FPB22 are two synthetic cannabinoids in the market of designer drugs. Both PB22 and 5FPB22 were found on plant material and sold under the cover of herbal products. PB22 and 5FPB22 are likely to share effects with two substances included in schedule I, also found on plant material JWH018 and AM2201. In response to state and federal control of JWH018 and other synthetic cannabinoids, a transition to new synthetic cannabinoids associated with plant material was observed.

5FPB22 and all other synthetic product of cannabinoids sold on this website are intended for a research and court affidavits. The research chemical called 5FPB22design drug with the obvious physiological and influencing mentality effects also has a molecular formula C23H21FN2O2. The weight of a formula has a cost of 376.4 g / molecular masses.

Toxicological and physiological properties 5FPB22 aren’t knownthe Synthetic product of cannabinoids as 5FPB22 could show a high inclination to peripheral CB1 and receptors of CB2 cannabinoid.

1-(5fluoropentyl) – 8quinolinyl ester 1H the indole of 3 carboxyl acids and all other design drugs sold on this website are intended for a research and court affidavits.

Please, keep this synthetic product of cannabinoid in the cool and dry place. Stability of cannabinoid makes 5FPB22 up to 2 years under the correct storage conditions.


5FPB22 10g 79€ Order form

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5FPB22 1kg 1690€ Order form

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