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Nortilidine is the active ingredient of the drug Tilidine, used in medicine as a potent analgesic. This is a group of opioids, but not natural, the drug is synthesized artificially and is considered a synthetic analog of an opioid. Scope of application – relief of intense pain syndrome in oncology, rheumatism, displacement of intervertebral discs, in the postoperative period.

What is nortilidine, origin, history

Nortilidine is a compound formed in the liver as a result of tilidine metabolism. In the circle of drug addicts, its intoxicating effect has long been known, so it is positioned by doctors as a drug-containing agent. Drugs containing this substance are sold in the pharmacy chain by prescription, but this does not make it inaccessible to drug addicts.

For the first time, nortilidine was talked about as a drug in the 70s, when in Germany a drug addict addicted to it, while under the influence of the drug, killed 16 people at a gymnasium in Erfurt. Since then, control over the release of medicines with tilidine has been tightened in different countries of the world. Prescriptions began to be entered into a special accounting register, but this did not put a final barrier to the spread of the drug, since prescriptions are falsified. The drug is popular among young people and among teenagers, it is considered a designer drug. The form of release — drops, capsules, tablets.

Effects on the body

You can get euphoria from different dosages of the drug. The strength of the impact depends on many reasons:

-general physical condition of the patient;
-the surrounding environment;
-the degree of drug addiction and the duration of taking narcotic drugs.

The “trip” offensive mode is characterized by time intervals:

-entry into the initial stages of altered consciousness – from 10 to 20 minutes;
-the peak of pleasure is in 50 minutes;
-continuation of the euphoria effect – up to 5 hours.

In a state of drug intoxication, a person experiences relaxation, an increase in mood, fatigue passes, sexual attraction is stimulated. These effects are the cause of addiction to the drug.


How does dependence on Tilidine arise?

The peculiarity of the effect of the drug is to reduce the severity of the resulting effects of “trip” with each intake. To achieve the previous level of pleasure, the addict has to increase the dose. Against this background, a persistent dependence on the drug develops. The dosage depends on the application form of the drug.

Tablets with 50 mg of tilidine plus 4 mg of naloxone are considered low-dose.
The step of increasing the dosage of the tablet form is from 50 to 200 mg of tilidine plus 16 mg of naloxone.
The liquid version in the form of injection is usually 12.5 mg of tilidine plus 1 mg of naloxone.

If a person regularly takes pills that contain more than 100 mg of tilidine— this is already an addiction. Addiction comes quickly, the drug addict has to increase the dose after three days. Long-term drug use leads to a double dependence — mental and physical.

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