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NBOME (brand) – psychoactive substances from the category of phenylethylamines. In its pure form, the psychoactive substance applied to the absorbent is an oily, poorly soluble liquid with a faint smell of fish. Unlike psychedelics such as LSD, brands have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, give a weak euphoria and do not cause vivid hallucinations and distortions in the perception of the world. In NBOME slang, they are calledstampsorsquares”. To receive the next dose of a psychoactive substance, absorbent material must be licked. This gave the name to the drug. In some cases, it is placed on the tongue and held until the body has completely absorbed the psychoactive substance.

Creation and distribution

NBOME (stamps) were synthesized in 2003 by R. Heim of the Free University of Berlin. The substance was isolated as part of the defense of the dissertation on the topic “Synthesis in pharmacology of agonists of serotonin receptors of class 5-TH”. This phenylethylamine derivative is able to act as a selective strong and complete serotonin-producing receptor agonist. Subsequently, this substance was studied at Purdue University by a team of scientists led by Professor D. Nicols.

Some sources say that this substance was marketed as an analogue of LSD. Putting it on an absorbent gave customers such an illusion. But the effect of the drugs is not similar. The limiting dose for the human body receiving phenylethylamines is 1500mkg. LSD in such concentrations is never used. A light dose of the drug is 50-250 μg, which is typical for psychoactive substances of the phenylethylamine group.

Brand effect

Brands are a cheap synthetic drug that is easy to buy at clubs and distributors. Most of the products on offer contain not only NBOME, but also other psychoactive components. Therefore, the effect of taking the brand may be unexpected. Most consumers are guaranteed vivid visions and enhanced consciousness, but NBOME does not have such an effect on the body.


Drug brand

The action of the drug NBOME (brand) lasts up to 10 hours after oral administration. There is a way to take NBOME intranasally. In this case, the substance affects the body for 6 hours. Large dosages can cause effects up to 12 hours after ingestion.

When used, the drug causes vivid visions of hallucinogenic origin, visible to humans with both eyes open and closed. Euphoria is poorly expressed. A person feels a surge of strength. He has the illusion of the ability to creatively solve problems. There is a distortion in the perception of sounds. Synaesthesia is noted. A person feels calm and protected.

With regular use, the addict develops severe insomnia. He has nausea (especially immediately after taking it), bouts of fear and panic, paranoid effects, a person cannot get rid of the same thought, a feeling of daze, headaches, problems with short-term memory are noted – he forgets what he just said or heard.

Some drug addicts quit taking psychoactive substances, since under the influence of NBOME (brand) they have cases of paranormal communication with a higher mind. Such an experience has a strong influence on the whole subsequent life and can provoke the addict to inappropriate actions (desire to accomplish a feat or repent of sins).

Psychological addiction

Dependence on taking NBOME is quite pronounced. With experience, drug addicts have reported cases of sensitization – improving mood and the presence of vivid emotions while waiting for the drug. In most cases, physical dependence occurs after a fortnightly regular intake of brands. Mental dependence is formed on the third or fourth day after the start of regular intake.

The formation of dependence is based on the addict’s desire to regain the feeling of a change in consciousness, the emergence of vivid emotions during communication, visions of the visual and auditory plan. Regular intake of phenylethylamines causes depletion of physical health, loss of strength, and contributes to the formation of severe depressive disorders.

The mechanism of dependence formation is based on the violation of serotonin reuptake by receptors and stimulation of its production by neurons. This leads to the accumulation of serotonin in the synaptic cleft and depletion of the depot. This mechanism can not only deplete the reserves of serotonin, but also cause the death of cells responsible for its production. Lost cells cannot be restored.

An overdose of NBOME leads to a sudden jump in the temperature of nausea and vomiting. Loss of consciousness may be observed.


Drug brand

Dependence on taking the drug NBOME is treated in an inpatient setting. The main consequences of consumption include:

-exhaustion of the body,
-narcotic anorexia, leading to a sharp decrease in weight,
-depressive disorders
-schizophrenic abnormalities.

Mass death of brain receptors responsible for the reuptake or production of serotonin is fraught with the formation of psychoses that are difficult to treat. Some addicts have experienced suicide attempts.

Marks cause vivid visual hallucinations. Distortion of the perception of what is happening can bring irreparable harm to a person.

Exhaustion causes exacerbation of all chronic diseases, neglect of treatment of which can lead to serious health consequences.

Narcotic substance NBOME causes a malfunction of the heart, a sharp jump in blood pressure, leading to heart attacks and strokes.


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