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Methylone is a drug from the group of tranquilizers and psychostimulants. His reception makes a person incredibly active, gives him vitality. Even the most secluded people under the influence of this substance become liberated, but this is only at first, subsequently the situation changes radically. “Explosion,” which is what this drug substance is called in certain circles, spreads quickly throughout the body, euphoria sets in, and the world acquires other colors. Methyl resembles ecstasy in its action, so these two drugs are often confused even by experienced addicts.


What is Methylone

C12H17NO, which is exactly what the formula of Methylone, also known as 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone or MDMA looks like, is a powerful stimulant and psychedelic. This substance was patented by P. Jacob and A. Shulgin, and it was initially positioned as an antidepressant. As for MDMC, another name that is often given to methylone, it is another substance also found by Alexander Shulgin. Its original name is 3,4-ethylenedioxymethamphetamine, but it is only an analog of methylone.

The drug is produced in the form of a liquid, and is intended for intravenous administration, although it is often used orally. They also release it in the form of a powder, which before use is sufficient to dilute with water.

History of Methylone

The history of methylone began in 1996. Like many narcotic substances, it was originally planned to be used as a medicine. However, numerous studies have shown that, although it is a good antidepressant, it has a detrimental effect on the human body. The drug, meanwhile, began to spread throughout Europe, but the real boom of the “explosion” began in 2004 in Holland.

The drug was distributed via the Internet; it was sold in coffee shops and special shops selling specific mushrooms and other psychoactive substances. Often it was sold under the guise of an air freshener. The cost of such “fresheners” was 10-20 euros for a capacity of 5 ml. On the instructions there was no composition, but it was indicated that you should not take a freshener in food.


What does medicine say

It is intended to stimulate the central nervous system and is prescribed to people who have lost the meaning of life. Under the influence of the drug, they feel the world differently – they become open and positive, although often everything happens differently – the patient closes and even becomes overly aggressive.

The effect of methylone on the human body

Despite the subjective effect of improving the perception of the world and giving vitality, it is worth noting the negative effect of the drug on the human body. Methyl acts on the human body as follows:

-there is excitement;
-stress is relieved and mood improves;
-no sense of anxiety;
-sociability improves – a person is drawn to communication;
-the world is changing colors;
-hallucinations begin;
-insomnia appears.

Unlike ecstasy and other drugs similar in effect, methylone acts more gently, but do not forget that it is a drug. In addition to improving mood and other “positive” moments, it is worth mentioning the side effects that the use of methylone causes.

Among them:

-high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbance, tachycardia and -arrhythmia;
-dilated pupils and heaviness when opening the mouth (grin);
-loss of appetite and a sharp decrease in weight;
-nausea and vomiting;
-apathy and insomnia;
-various mental disorders.

When the euphoria from the use of the “explosion” passes, apathy begins and there is a desire to experience an unforgettable experience again. Over time, to obtain the desired effect, a large dose is needed, and this is already the path to drug dependence. A person can no longer live without a drug, the euphoria passes, depression sets in, a loss of strength is felt.
What awaits a person with prolonged drug use

Since MDMA acts directly on the central nervous system of a person, sooner or later drug dependence occurs. During withdrawal, the addict becomes uncontrollable and often breaks down in public, he is constantly in search of the next dose. Without this, he cannot solve simple life problems, and the way out of this situation can be getting rid of drug addiction under the supervision of specialists.

Being constantly under the “high”, the addict begins to degrade – he stops taking care of himself, does not change his clothes for a long time and does not take a shower. Methylone does not violate practically the physiology of a person, although it feels weak and is not able to withstand severe loads, the body becomes thin. But in the psyche there are serious changes. The addict begins insomnia, the result of which are headaches, he refuses to eat. Long-term use of the drug always leads to sad consequences, and serious changes lead to the following changes:

-schizophrenia and other mental illnesses;
-decreased mental activity and personality degradation;
-diseases of the kidneys, liver and other vital organs;
-cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure;
-cerebral edema.

Reception of methylone on an ongoing basis leads to premature aging of the body – large wrinkles and age spots appear on the face, and the complexion acquires an unhealthy gray color. Accordingly, a person looks much older than his age. Mortality among people using MDMA is also high, with many of them dying on their own, while the rest die from disease or overdose.


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