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Methylone is a designer drug that has a psychostimulating effect, causing the need for communication, a surge of vivacity and strength. It bears the name “Explosion” due to its rapid impact on the body and the resulting vivid sensations. In the household classification, methylone is usually referred to as salt drugs. The chemical composition is called MDMC and bk-MDMA.


In terms of its characteristics, methyl is similar to MDMA (Ecstasy), but is distinguished by the presence of B-ketones.

This changes the nature of the impact on the body. Ecstasy act exciting, but the effect does not appear immediately. Methylon is less strong drug, but act faster and also stimulates the nervous system. According to the statements of scientists, the drug MDMA creates a fabulous sensation that methylon cannot repeat.

Methylon is produced in liquid form and is used for oral and / or intravenous administration. The last few years in the markets there are crystalline powder, which is divorced by water to create injection.

The first synthesis of MDMC.

Methylon-first methylon was synthesized in 1996 by Chemists Alexander Sulgin and Peyton Jacob. The substance was created as an antidepressant, but with a detailed study, a negative impact on the body was revealed. But it began to be used for the manufacture of drugs, which gave rise to a new wave of addiction.

On the sale of the drug methylon first appeared in 2004 in the Netherlands. It was sold in small bottles with the inscription “Air freshener”. There was a warning on the labels that the liquid contained cannot be eaten and it is important to take care of children. Drugs extended an advantage in specialized cafes and pubs. Then the substance went on sale via the Internet, where widespread.

Methylon action on the body

Methylon has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, causes a feeling of euphoria, a tide of energy and forces. The addict has sharply increases the need for communicating with people, he becomes loving, kind. But often there is a reverse reaction: irritability, aggressiveness, decay of forces.

Methylon drug addicts get effects:

-excitation, stimulation;
-lack of anxiety;
-improving the mood;
-Improving the need for communication, talkativeness;
-Suppression of drowsiness.

Unlike many drugs, Methylon acts soft enough. Euphoria after the adoption of the dose comes quickly, but achievable sensations replace each other.

But it is possible to occur and side effects, especially with a multiple increase in dosage:

-Increased sweating;
-loss of appetite, sudden weight loss;
-vomiting and nausea;

Overdose carries a serious threat to the health and life of the drug addict. In the absence of drugs, death is possible.

Long-term drug intake reduces the sensitivity to methylon, with each new dose, the feeling of euphoria is reduced by duration. Approximately 3 months after the start of consumption, the substance becomes a way to deal with depression and chronic fatigue.



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