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Mephedrone – a new designer drug

Mephedrone is based on the nervous system stimulant amphetamine and alkaloid cathinone. For physical properties, it is a white, powdery, odorless substance. In addition, mephedrone is sold in tablets and capsules. By its action, mephedrone is a psychostimulant and a strong empathogen.


Caffeine, acetaminophen and other substances are added to mephedrone as an impurity. Color shades and smells of mephedrone give exactly impurities. What kind of impurities you will never know for sure, which means there is an additional danger of overdose and the occurrence of side effects.
The history of the spread of mephedrone

Mephedron is a new drug, especially popular in 2008 among young people. His slang names: mef, magic, meow-meow. The drug is easy to buy, which makes it popular. Meth is a drug made from the category of synthetic salts, it has become a no less dangerous alternative for methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine.

The first sales of this drug began in 2007, while it was not yet banned. Meth was sold as fertilizer, bath salts. When it turned out that these innocuous words meant a potent synthetic drug, trade in the drug was prohibited by law.

The first country where the salt went into the category of illegal illegal drugs was Israel, it happened in 2007. The European Union has solved the problem on its territory only by 2010. Despite the prohibitions, mephedrone can be easily purchased through illegal online stores, as well as in night entertainment venues of almost any city.

The drug has not been studied sufficiently from a scientific point of view. The situation is complicated by the fact that manufacturers are constantly making changes to the formula of a substance, which changes its properties. This is done to ensure that the drug is out of the action of the law on prohibited substances. So, remaining a potent drug, salt is not prohibited by law, and its producers and distributors can avoid punishment for selling. The results of such experiments, of course, no one explores, new batches are checked immediately on consumers. Repeated cases of mass deaths due to sales in the city of such unsuccessful parties are already known. Taking salt, you risk your life every time.
How does mephedrone (action mephedrone)

The drug is administered as an injection, inhaled and taken in tablet form. When taken orally, the effect occurs after about 15-45 minutes. Its duration will be 3-5 hours. When administered through a vein, the drug acts instantly and brighter, but the duration of the effect is shorter.


Effects from the use of mephedrone

Mephedrone instantly improves mood, causes euphoria. In parallel with this, inadequate credulity arises towards people, I want to talk a lot, move, do something, sexual excitement arises. In addition, short-term memory is turned off, the ability to concentrate on one thing is deteriorating, dizziness, strong emotions, and nonsense can occur.

All of these effects arise from the fact that dopamine levels in the brain cells increase excessively. At this point, side effects such as hypertension, tachycardia, fever may occur. Nasal bleeding may begin. You probably noticed that many of the videos in the network, where young people are shot under the influence of salts, have their nose bleeding. Salt can cause heart failure and even myocardial infarction.

There are a number of unpleasant side effects. This is the blue of the knees and fingers due to excessive vasoconstriction. Sometimes there is twitching of the muscles of the body, gnashing of teeth, itchy skin. When the drug is inhaled, nose pain appears.

After the completion of the action of the drug, excessive fatigue is piling up, I don’t want to eat at all, the addict is very thirsty. Panic attacks, insomnia, development of psychosis are possible.

Mephedrone is notorious for forming psychological addiction at a time. As soon as the effect of his action passes, the person again begins to want to take a dose. With repeated intake, mef is already included in the metabolism of serotonin in the central nervous system, leads to disruptions in sleep and wake cycles, changes the emotional background, the body’s thermoregulation, and gastrointestinal motility. With severe intoxication is life threatening.


What happens if you use mephedrone

The drug is a strong addiction. It is expressed in the constant desire to use it, the occurrence of depression and anxiety, manifestations of aggression when it is impossible to do so.

Salt addicts often die because the drug is made under unsanitary conditions, there is no clear composition and dosage. Often, ambulance doctors and hospitals refuse from salt and spice drug addicts, because they are not clear on the composition of the drug and there is no way to find the right antidote.

Death from mephedrone

Drug addicts who use mephedrone often die from overdose. If we talk about the country where mephedrone is selling the most, and this is the United Kingdom, then in 2011 it recorded 11 deaths caused by the use of this drug, and in 2013 already 22.

Side Effects of Mephedrone Use

The risk of side effects increases in direct proportion to the dose used by the addict. And this is especially true for cases when it is used in combination with alcohol and other psychotropic drugs.

In these cases, can be observed:

    change in body temperature, cold shiver is replaced by spontaneous sweating
–    short-term memory is lost
–    hallucinations occur
 –   heart palpitations begin
 –   insomnia appears
 –   nystagmus arises – one of the most frightening effects

The withdrawal syndrome entails such manifestations:

–    sadness hopelessness
–    overwhelming desire to take the drug
–    weakness, insomnia
 –   nausea and lack of appetite

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