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LSD Semi-synthetic psychoactive agent from family of triptamin. The acid can be considered as the most known психоделик, used as recreational drug, an enteogen, and also as the tool in various transcendental practicians, such as meditation, or prohibited by the law (but legal in the past) psychodelic psychotherapy. The acid is synthesized from the lizerginovy acid extracted from a dispute of the microscopic fungus parasitizing on cereals (for example to wheat).

Acids pharmacological properties.
The acid is is easy and completely absorbed by digestive tract. Therefore it is optional to do acid injections, except for particular cases. Experiences on mice with it is radioactive the marked acid established that the acid entered intravenously very quickly disappears, leaving small marks, from blood system and extends on an organism. Strangely enough, least of all it concentrates in a brain. Here it is concentrated in certain centers of a midbrain which play a role of regulators of emotions. These opening instruct in localization of certain physical functions in a brain. Concentration of an acid in various bodies reaches the maximum values in 10-15 minutes after an injection, then smoothly falls down. The small intestine where concentration reaches a maximum in two hours, constitutes an exception. The acid mostly (approximately to 80 percent) through intestines by means of a liver and bile is removed. Only from 1 to 10 percent of products of conversion constitutes not changed acid; the remaining balance consists of various products of disintegration.

As mental effects of an acid proceed even after that moment when it can’t already be found in an organism, we have to conclude that it isn’t active per se, and rather it starts a certain biochemical, neurophysiological and mental mechanism which causes a state of intoxication and proceeds already for lack of active ingredient. The acid stimulates the centers of a sympathetic nervous system of a mesencephalon that leads to expansion of pupils, fervescence, and body height of level of Saccharum in a blood. As it was already mentioned, the acid causes reductions of a uterus. Especially the acid interesting pharmacological property opened in England by J. H. Geddam is its effect of blockade of a serotonin. A serotonin is the gormonopodobny substance which is present at various organs of hematothermal animals. Concentrating on average a brain, it plays an important role in distribution of impulses of certain nerves and, therefore, in biochemistry of mental functions. Mental effects of an acid explained some time with disturbances of normal functioning of a serotonin which are caused by an acid. Nevertheless, it was soon shown that even some derivatives of an acid (bond, in which is slightly changed a chemical structure of an acid) which aren’t showing hallucinogenic properties brake effects of a serotonin also strongly, or even stronger, than not changed acid. Therefore, the fact that the acid blocks a serotonin isn’t sufficient for an explanation of its hallucinogenic properties.

The acid also influences the neurophysiological functions bound to Dopaminum which, as well as a serotonin, is the gormonopodobny substance which is naturally found in an organism. Most of the think-tanks acquisitive to Dopaminum are activated by an acid while others are suppressed with it.

All of us don’t know yet the biochemical mechanism by means of which the acid influences mentality. However, researches of interaction of an acid with cerebral regulators, such as a serotonin and Dopaminum, are examples of how the acid can serve as the tool for brain researches, for studying of biochemical processes which are the cornerstone of mental functions.

The acid is sensitive to influence of oxygen, ultra-violet light and chlorine (if it is about solution), but in the dark, at small humidity and low temperature can be stored for many years. In pure form the acid has no color, a smell and is slightly bitterish on taste. The typical way of administration is made in the peroral way, for example by means of the small piece of paper (“brand”) impregnated with substance solution or Saccharum piece, or for example in the form of gelatin. In the liquid state the acid can be accepted in the form of drops (the English expression of “drop the acid” went from here – literally “to drip acids”), or to be entered by an intramuscular or intravenous injection. A threshold dose for the person – from 20 to 30 micrograms.

After the opening the acid was assumed to use in psychiatry for treatment of various frustration and diseases of mentality, for example schizophrenia. Initial results of medical use showed high potential, however subsequently use of an acid which got out of hand among young people purchased too big scope that caused political scandal and led to a total ban of an acid, for any purposes, both medical, and recreational, and also spiritual.

Acid the newest and most important drug which came from psychotropic subculture. Huxley made experiments with a mescaline long before psychotropic substances received prevalence in market scales, but these experiments had absolutely other framework, than universal use of drugs today. Probably, Antonin Artaoud who on himself made experiments with peyoty in Mexico was the main spokesman of the idea of creation of great society on the basis of psychotropic drugs. – Distinction between Huxley and Artaoud’s experiments that Huxley made experiments with walls of the laboratory, under control which he also exercised, and Artaoud made them a part of the life. – Thanks to acquaintance with peyoty Artaoud changed, but whether it was bad? Because of this change Artaoud could comprehend and understand the ideas and outlook of other level. It could depart from rationalism, not use modern methods of the organization, and even the modern truth. Artaoud found, going own way, the own truth and own structure of categories. They cut off it from the rest of the world.


Physiological reactions to acceptance of an acid are strongly various and can be shown as: uterus fights, a hyperthermia, temperature increase of a body, increase in content of sugar in blood, goose-pimples, arrhythmia, a bruksizm, sweating, мидриаз (strong expansion of pupils), salivation, insomnia, a paresteziya, emotional euphoria, a hyper reflection, a shiver and a sinesteziya. A part of users report also about effects of tolerance of fabrics, weakness, awe and nausea. One of the earliest researches in the 1960th years studied a question of use of an acid as an analgetic (anesthetic) for treatment of the chronic pains caused by oncological diseases or serious injuries. Even for insignificant doses, smaller than regular psychodelic, it was revealed that as the analgetic of an acid works at least effectively than traditional opiates (for example morphine), at the same time are much more long (in some cases causing analgesic effect which lasted for a week after peak of action of an acid). Researchers explained this phenomenon with the mechanism of reduction of alarms and concerns after action of an acid.

Some doctors in the USA illegally use an acid for treatment of cluster headaches, the rare, but the causing extremely intensive pain syndrome. Though this phenomenon wasn’t studied in formal medicine, repeated cases confirm a capability of an acid and a psilocybin to reduce cluster pains and even to interrupt a cluster cycle, completely preventing future manifestations of a syndrome. The known medicines which are also used for treatment of cluster pains include various ergolina, among other substances that can explain similar action of an acid. In a research of the 2006th year survey of 53 patients with a syndrome of cluster pain who applied an acid and a psilocybin was conducted, and most of respondents reported about a personal experience of curative effect. It is necessary to notice that this research used the small doses of substances which aren’t causing any psychological effects that directly specifies a possibility of use of an acid and a psilocybin as effective medicine for treatment of a syndrome of cluster pain

The effects caused by an acid in mentality (in a popular speech called by “chatter”) strongly differ among different people, and strongly depend on such factors as the previous psychodelic experience, the current internal state of mentality, the current situation and external situation, and also that is important, a general dose of substance. Effects also differ from a trip to a trip, and even differ during one trip. LSD-trip can cause the long emotional experiences remaining after psychodelic experience, and for some users to cause considerable changes in structure of the personality and in the relation to life in general.

The term “Set and Setting” (English Set and Setting) is applied – the set characterizes dependence of effects LSD-tripa on general internal state of mentality, and a setting – from a physical and social environment in which occurs трип. If the user of an acid is in an unfriendly situation and internally isn’t prepared for possible extremely powerful misstatements of perception and thought processes, effects of an acid most likely will be very unpleasant in difference from a situation when the user is in comfortable conditions, is ready for good, doesn’t strain and is internally open for perception of unusual.

Separate psychological effects can consist in the strengthened perception of flowers, breathable or floating surfaces of things and situations (walls, a floor, a ceiling) with the poured, creeping patterns, extremely difficult colourful moving patterns arising behind the closed eyes, feeling of the changed current of time, perception of things or persons of the people altering a form, depersonalization (loss of feeling own I), and sometimes very intensive and cruel experiences described as own regenerations or testing of death.

Separate psychological effects can consist in the strengthened perception of flowers, breathable or floating surfaces of things and situations (walls, a floor, a ceiling) with the poured, creeping patterns, extremely difficult colourful moving patterns arising behind the closed eyes, feeling of the changed current of time, perception of things or persons of the people altering a form, depersonalization (loss of feeling own I), and sometimes very intensive and cruel experiences described as own regenerations or testing of death.

Many experience the experiences described as dissolution of border between own I and the outside world. This effect can play a part in spiritual and religious aspects of action of an acid. Sometimes the acid leads to disintegration or restructuring of the “last” identity of the person, creating a mentality condition which is described as more free in the choice and decisions concerning the nature and structure of Novaya Gazeta of the personality.

A number of experts assume that an acid and similar psychoactive agents can be very useful in psychotherapy, especially in cases when the patient needs to unblock the suppressed subconscious material, and regular psychotherapeutic methods don’t work. Also here high potential of an acid for treatment of alcoholism is noted. In one of researches the conclusion is drawn that “the root of therapeutic potential of an acid consists in its capability to cause a mentality condition in which easily there is a positive self-assessment and refusal of the egoistical points of view that presumably occurs when all problems of mentality are put “face to face” for an individual inner self of the person. A number of researches of the 1950th years determined that use of an acid for treatment of alcoholism makes 50% success that exceeded ten-percent success of methods regular, traditional at that time by 5 times.

A number of celebrities publicly stated comments on the positive experience of use of an acid. A part of these facts result from times when the acid was legal in the USA and Europe, and a part belongs to use of an acid in psychiatric practice in 1950th and 1960th. But at the same time a considerable part of these statements also belongs to the experimenting facts with an acid already at the time of its prohibition, including recent when the acid was used by philosophers, artists, therapists, and people, pursuing the spiritual and recreational aims.

The acid never causes madness. It has no such force. The acid only allows to look at itself differently.


The acid causes temporary, but at the same time extremely serious change of mentality, the person under the influence of medicine can realize not completely the taking place events that he can cause accidents and an injury rate in this connection before complete cessation of all effects of an acid management of transport or any similar actions connected with adoption of critical decisions are extremely dangerous. Mixture of an acid with other psychoactive agents and drugs can lead to even more serious consequences. At the same time, there are no exact data on a possibility of a producing schizophrenia or other fixed frustration of mentality. Moreover, scientists-researchers even suppose a possibility of use of an acid in treatment, for example, of children’s schizophrenia.

The acid, as well as any psychodelic substance, can show latent mental diseases. The acid unambiguously shouldn’t be used to emotionally unstable people as change of emotions under its action can happen very quickly and uncontrollable: action of any thought, both positive, and negative, repeatedly amplifies and is capable to enter the subject into the emotional experience, improbable and absolutely incomparable on the intensity, close to a catharsis (this effect of an acid under control of the doctor was used in the middle of the 20th century in case of so-called “psychodelic therapy”).

About 20-30% from accepting an acid tested the periods of spontaneous return of subjective symptoms (so-called “flashback”, from English flashback), sometimes in weeks or months after acceptance. The opinion extended earlier that flashbacks are caused by accumulating of an acid in fabrics according to modern data, is wrong — the acid is completely removed from an organism within several days. It is considered that the reason of flashbacks can be in a possibility of mentality of the person to remember and endure anew superintensive emotional experiences and stresses (both negative, and positive) through any time after their origin under certain conditions, and as LSD-trip is incredibly strong experience, potentially the person can remember and anew endure his details through very wide interval of time. In life of each person there can be similar “flashback” connected with long ago the taken place events from life and which doesn’t have any relation to psikhodelika. The catalyst of a flashback listening of the music which is earlier listened in time “LSD-tripa”, viewing of the drawings similar to the visual images arising in a tripa behind the closed eyes can become possible, reading descriptions of similar experiences, etc. there were cases when psychodelic experiences, such as strengthening of flowers, increases of clearness of perception and unusual clarity, returned to the person in a dream; also the acid can increase probability of emergence of conscious dreams in this connection it is possible to assume possible communication between these conditions of consciousness.

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