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Synthetic opioid isotonitazene on the fortress is comparable to a fentanyl or even stronger. According to the chemical structure, isotonitazene is not similar to fentanyl, its analogues or other synthetic U-type opioids. Isotonitazene in its structure is similar to Etonitazen, whose turnover in the world is strictly controlled.

Impact with short-term and long-term use

The effect of isotonitazene is similar to the effect of fentanyl, but it is not for sure that it is not known because The substance at Nikarnok Estonia spreads less than a year.
Side Effects and Health Risks

When eating a substance, an injecting method increases the risk of infection with diseases transmitted through blood, for example, HIV and hepatitis B and C.


The side effects are isotonitazene as follows:

-Slow pulse and breath
-Mixed consciousness, including inadequate behavior
-Inadequate television, such as dance movements on the street
-Increased sweating
-Itching on the skin
-Dailed pupils

The effect of isotonitazene for pregnancy is not understood, but by analogy with fentanyl, the consumption of a substance can lead to a reduced weight of a newborn, children can be born dead or die in infancy. Also, the baby may show diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, trembling, i.e. in other words – signs of abstineent syndrome, or cancellation syndrome. When such children achieve school age, they may have difficulty learning and disorder. Children of women who used during pregnancy, may later suffer from respiratory disorders, and they can also have serious problems with sleep.

Dependence and abstineent syndrome

Like fentanyl isotonitazene – it is a strong and fast drug dependence. The use of isotonitazene quickly leads to mental and physical dependence. With the termination of use, there is a strong abstineent syndrome (cancellation syndrome).

Symptoms of abstinence during the termination of use isotonitazene:

-Pain most often in the joints
-Fast irritability
-Anxiety and insomnia
-Fear and hostile behavior
-Enhance arterial pressure
-chills, “goose leather”
-Expansion of Zrachkov
-Toothing, leak from the nose
-Increase body temperature
-Spontaneous ejaculation


Symptoms of cancellation are similar to the symptoms of the abolition of fentanyl – an extremely strong desire to use the substance. After stopping the use, this traction can be maintained for several years. Due to the severity and duration of the abstinence syndrome, addicted people are encouraged to seek help from specialists.

Signs of poisoning and overdose

To obtain poisoning or overdose isotonitazene is very easy due to the fortress of the substance.

Signs of overdose:

-Relaxed muscles
-Concision confusion
-Strong drowsiness
-loss of consciousness
-Slowing of cardiac activity
-very low blood pressure
-Dangerous slowdown or absence
-Furious nails and lips

Most often, isotonitazene causes a stop of breathing, so a person dies without fast assistance.

In people who use isotonitazene, their loved ones and friends, if possible, should be a drug Naloxon, which in case of overdose oprod can save a person life. Read more about Naloxone can be found here.

A man who received an overdose isotonitazene is necessary to call ambulance.



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