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Dimetiltriptamin -DMT

Dimetiltriptamin (DMT)

Dimetiltriptamin (DMT)

In this article we will tell you about legendary DMT, say that having tried this drug you sharply change the life, he allows to rethink everything…

Dimetiltriptamin -DMT is derivative triptaminy which molecule includes two additional methyl groups in nitrogen atom line items at amine group. For the first time DMT was allocated from the Mimosa root in 1946 by the Brazilian ethnobotanist and the chemist Gonsalves is divisible which named this substance Nigerine. The first chemical synthesis of DMT was performed by the English chemist Richard Manski in 1931.

Dimetiltriptamin -DMT

For the first time psychotropic DMT properties were studied in the mid-fifties by the Hungarian doctor Stephen of Zara. Showing interest in psychoactive agents, doctor Zara ordered in the company Sandoz the substance LSD. Recently opened at that time, an acid attracted great interest of scientists. However Sandoz refused delivery because of fear that LSD will fall into hands of communist regime that could have not desirable consequences. Because of impossibility to receive LSD doctor Zara paid the attention to chemically less complex DMT, having assumed its psychoactive properties in view of similarity with serotonin.

DMT is the very strong psychoactive agent capable to cause intensive enteogenny experiences with powerful visual and acoustical hallucinations, perception of other course of time and a capability to experience experiences in excellent from habitual realities. The people who tested DMT трип often say that these experiences so differ from something known to the person that it is impracticable to describe or express them in verbal or other form. Some users report about extremely intensive visual and touch experiences of the erotic plan, in case of the use of DMT in a ritual sexual context.

Professor of Alan Watts so described effect of DMT: “Load all Universe in a gun trunk. Aim in a brain. Shoot!”

In the researches conducted in 1990-1995 by the psychiatrist Ric Strassman at university of New of Mexico City it became clear that a lot of the participating volunteers experienced experiences of extraterrestrial life among beings who were characterized as “elves”, “aliens”, “guides” and “assistants”. At the same time in the visual plan some of these beings reminded clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cactuses, gnomes and the figures made of sticks. At least one of participants of researches reported about sexual contact with ody of such beings while others often reported about erotic experiences. In general, all participants of researches reported that these beings are inhabitants of parallel, independent reality, the road to which is opened by DMT acceptance.

However the exact proof of this assumption is impossible for ethical reasons – biological samples for a research shall be received from a live brain of the person.

Terence of McCann, the author of a number of books where the subject DMT is mentioned, described the experience of the use in which there was a meeting with beings who he called “Trasformiruyushchiyesya Mashiny-Elfy” (English Self-Transforming Machine Elves). McCann DMT attributes a role of the tool which can be used for communication with beings from other worlds. Similar account are also given by other users who tested DMT трипы. It is also often reported about meetings with reasonable beings who try to find out information on our reality.

DMT: The Spirit molecule – one of the most famous books about DMT written by Ric Strassman, the scientist-researcher in the field of medicine. Strassman makes the assumption that эпифиз develops DMT in natural process in view of the fact that all necessary components for this process are found exactly there. However nobody tried to find DMT in an epifiza directly yet.

Dimetiltriptamin -DMT

In the majority of the countries of DMT it is classified by the law as drug and is under a ban.

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