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Benzodiazepines – a group of medicines that have a hypnotic, sedative effect, relieve seizures. Used drug for people with disturbed sleep, anxiety and restlessness. Many drugs in this group are tranquilizers, sleeping pills, but in the general group of CNS depressants.

If used correctly, the products do not cause side effects. Preparations of the benzodiazepine group are often used in neurology. It is important to know the mechanism of action of benzodiazepines and the occurrence of dependence on tablets.


A group of drugs was synthesized in 1957. As numerous studies have shown, the effectiveness of drugs decreases, and a number of side effects appear.

Also in the course of the research it was found that benzodiazepines become addictive, after complete withdrawal from the tablets, withdrawal syndrome appears. Today in Europe, produced and used 29 drugs in this group.

Also in the course of the research it was found that benzodiazepines become addictive, after complete withdrawal from the tablets, withdrawal syndrome appears. Today in Europe, produced and used 29 drugs in this group.

Benzodiazepines are psychoactive elements that affect the nervous system, anxiety is removed after consumption and relaxation of the nervous system appears, patients quickly want to sleep.

In medical practice, benzodiazepines are used, whose action is directed to the following states:

Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
Anxiety and fears.
Muscle spasms.

The mechanism of action of benzodiazepines is such that they are often used to treat drug addicts who have used:

Hallucinogenic drugs.

Benzodiazepines are also used to reduce panic. It is worth noting that the medicines of this group are used from drug addiction, although they themselves have a narcotic effect. Dependent people use drugs not for treatment, but to receive euphoria and a high from reception.

It is this group of drugs has become a replacement for barbiturates. True, after the 1980s, medications had many side effects, including brain damage and addiction. All drugs are sold only by prescription, in limited quantities.
Drug List

There are several drugs that are often used by addicts.

List of drugs benzodiazepines:



For the treatment of the nervous system are often prescribed pills in the described group, but after therapy, some patients use medications not for the intended purpose, but to get high. As a rule, drug addicts conduct fake recipes.
The mechanism of action of benzodiazepine

Benzodiazepines are able to interact with GABA receptors, increasing the synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid according to the receptors, thereby reducing the excitability of neurons and the work of the central nervous system.

After taking it, there is not only a therapeutic effect, but also other actions.

The effect of benzodiazepine use is as follows:

Anxious feeling is reduced.
There is complete peace of mind.
Appears pacification.
Pass pain and sensitivity to them.
Attentiveness worsens.
Complete relaxation, satisfaction.

Depending on the dosage taken, the action may be different:

Removes the alarm.

Addicts use to obtain the desired effect, the dosage is 2-3 times higher than that needed to obtain a therapeutic effect. This can cause not only a certain result, but also benzodiazepine poisoning and overdose.

As a rule, when using several pills at once, a person just falls asleep, and after waking up many discomfort and consequences appear. Active substances are retained in the blood at different times, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. For the elimination of blood from 1-100 hours. In the urine of the substance will be 1-7 days.
Drug abuse

Medicines are available in tablet form for oral use, and the effect can be enhanced by using powder.

Doctors in inpatient settings can inject. Alcohol intoxication, with no smell.
Symptoms of addiction

Benzodiazepine causes addiction quickly, and if the patient includes such pills, the symptoms

It becomes obscure.
Loss in space and time.
Impact failures.
Decreased appetite.
Blurred vision
In rare cases, convulsions.
Nightmares during sleep.

If people often use benzodiazepines, then libido increases in patients, and men lose their erection. After the abolition of drugs can begin to hurt the head, and the mood will be depressed. The use of benzodiazepines in the form of injections can reduce pressure and impair breathing.
Poisoning and overdose

Many drugs cause a relaxing and sedative effect. Focusing on severe injuries. The condition will worsen due to dizziness and drowsiness. If in such a state to drive a car, then the risk of an accident, with dire consequences, increases.

Long-term use of benzodiazepines significantly increases and affects sexual activity, increases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases. Cases of the development of hepatitis, constant insomnia. Benzodiazepines can also lead to weight loss and hypotension in the chronic form.

If a woman breaks pills, then her hormones are disturbed. The higher the likelihood that mental disorders suicide and serious violations.

Occasionally, overdose may cause unusual side effects.

Strong causeless aggression.

The symptoms described are more common in people who already have a mental illness.

If an overdose happens, almost no one dies of benzodiazepines. This happens in 3% of cases, if the poisoning is very strong. The probability of a lethal outcome increases many times.

People come to the fact that such signs occur:

Pupils are greatly dilated.
Pulse weakly palpable, or vice versa very frequent.
Bradycardia develops.
Sweat appears.
The skin becomes sticky.
Breathing weakens, becomes superficial.
The man is in a confused state.
Sometimes there is a coma.

Treatment of benzodiazepine dependence

Even with the use of small doses for therapeutic effects, but with prolonged use of drugs in this group may develop addiction. As scientists have proven, dependence on benzodiazepines can be physical and mental. This relationship has a low degree and can be cured.

If you take drugs in small doses for 4-6 months, you may get addicted, even when using weak benzodiazepine.

If patients do not use pills to get intoxicated, the addiction may not develop. The addiction occurs within a few months. About 50% of drug addicts who are treated with benzodiazepines, drug dependent.

For treatment and in acute poisoning, enemies use flumazenil, which uses an antidote. This tool is able to inhibit the action of benzodiazepines, eliminates complications. Drug addicts use such drugs are prohibited.

Cancellation syndrome that matches the symptoms:

Sleep and appetite problems.
Abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain.
Panic condition, anxiety

The symptoms described and the withdrawal itself lasted up to 2 days. If the drugs were used for a very long time, then the person experienced breaking for more than 7 days. It is believed that the side effects should undergo a gradual failure, and in addition to this – to undergo a course of psychotherapy. In monoarrhombia, when only benzodiazepines are used, enemies use outpatient treatments.

If a person immediately uses strong drugs, then patients are hospitalized in special clinics, where the course of treatment is 3-6 months.

Sleeping pills benzodiazepines should be used only under the supervision of a physician, in exactly the prescribed dosage. It is important to understand that the drug is better controlled and to prevent the participation of tablets, to avoid serious consequences.


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