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Bath salt -Mefedron



Mefedrone or so-called bath salts. What kind of designer drug and what brought the era of designer drugs, more in this article …

Bath salts are a euphemism, an informal designation of a group of designer drugs, usually containing substituted cathinones, which have an effect similar to amphetamine and cocaine. They got their name because of external similarity (white crystals) with legal products, such as Epsom salts, etc., but chemically have nothing to do with real bath salts. Packages with such products are often marked with the inscription “Not for human consumption,” which, according to manufacturers of designer drugs, allows you to bypass the legislation that controls the sphere of drug trafficking.

For the first time such compounds were synthesized in the 1910s and remained unknown until the beginning of the XXI century, when they were re-discovered and became widely used in the production of designer drugs, the composition of which remained legal in most countries.

Bath salts are usually used orally, can also be consumed by smoking, intravenous and intramuscular injections.

The effects of the action of mephedrone, which is part of bath salts, may initially be invisible. The dependence is formed gradually. Under the influence of salt you lose any control over the dosage and frequency of consumption, it is not possible to stop, Do not sleep, do not eat, lose weight. In consequence of such a marathon, a person simply goes insane. There is a fear that turns into a paranoia, into a persecution mania. The drug is especially dangerous for girls. There is an irresistible lust, and the psyche of women is breaking faster.

In addition to mental disorders, the side effects of bath salts are frequent nasal bleeding, pain in the chest, throat, nose, shortness of breath, cyanosis of the extremities, which arises from the narrowing of blood vessels.

The consequences of drinking bath salts are also nervous tics, muscle spasms, bruxism (gnashing of teeth), nausea, insomnia. In addition, the risk of myocardial infarction, hypertension, arrhythmia and acute heart failure increases.

The road of a person who has become addicted to bath salts leads either to a rehabilitation center or to a grave. Think about yourself and your loved ones before using a “legal” drug. ”

Name: Bath salt (Mefedron)

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