May 22, 2022 new design drugs at low prices: psychostimulators, opiates, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Cannabinoids and New Chemicals new chemical research, you can find new legal stimulants, new legal opiates, new legal dissociatives, legal psychedelics, legal marijuana.


4 min read
Methylone is a drug from the group of tranquilizers and psychostimulants. His reception makes...
4 min read
NBOME (brand) – psychoactive substances from the category of phenylethylamines. In its pure form,...
3 min read
Ritalin is a pharmacological brand of the stimulating drug methylphenidate. Also available under the...
Narcotic analgesics
9 min read
The classic representative of narcotic analgesics is morphine. It causes depression of the central...
4 min read
Morphine is the most important and best-studied opium alkaloid. Highlighted in 1805, it got...
4 min read
The application history has a long past. Initially, oxycodone waterproofing was used with a...
6 min read
Today we will tell you about tramadol, whether it is a drug and in...
2 min read
5-MeO-TMT or 5-Methoxy-2, N, N-trimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-2, N, N-TMT, 5-MeO-TMT) designer drug tryptamine with a...

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